About us

Teacher Heaven Mission Statement

The mission of Teacher Heaven is to be more than just a store by creating a welcoming, well-organized environment offering an exceptional product selection and knowledgeable staff to nurture all life-long learners.

Teacher Heaven strives to serve the educational needs and be a positive presence in our local communities.



I have really never done anything but manage retail stores since I was 16, and that’s all I know how to do. During the course of my career, I was fired many times, often being told I was too aggressive and ambitious and that I should really own my own business. Looking back now, I guess everything happens for a reason.
My retail career started at a local fast food spot in Midland on the day I turned 16, and continued throughout my college years at Texas A&M University. After graduation in 1985, I was hired at a long distance telephone company in Austin. I just didn't have it in me to be the “hard sell” salesman that they wanted me to be, with the mentality that if you lose one customer there will always be another to take its place. I prefer to take care of my customers, keep them for life and then go about acquiring new clients. I ended up being let go from that job.
At that point, I moved back to College Station and took a job at a local grocery store as a cashier. One day I was noticed by an alert customer who was evidently impressed with my customer service. The gentleman was wearing a button that read Business is Good. “Where is business good?” I asked, he replied, At KG Men's Store (different from the K&G Men’s Store today). He informed me that they were looking for a full-time cashier and asked me if I would like to apply. I did, and my retail career was born.
In 1994, I came across a newspaper ad for manager of a teacher supply store in Austin. I applied, got the job, and opened their new store location in Austin. I managed it for about nine months, and I absolutely fell in love with the industry. I really enjoyed meeting and helping these amazing teachers and parents who really wanted the best for their students and children. As time went on, however, I discovered that the head of the company and I didn't exactly see eye-to-eye and I felt I would soon be let go. Luckily, I thought to collect catalogs and names of people I had met in the school supply industry and, well, got fired.
After a short time managing elsewhere I began to think about opening my own educational supply store. The people I met while at the other teacher store were very supportive. The process began in January of 1996.
After trying several banks to acquire financing, I finally met a banker who had a soft spot for me (and the same birth date!) and helped me secure the financing. I was then able to open the first Teacher Heaven in June of 1996. In the following years, Teacher Heaven has grown and expanded. We opened a store in South Austin, Lubbock and three locations in Houston.
Being involved in the community is essential. I strongly feel that we are in business not only to make a dollar, but we sincerely want to make a difference. In addition to helping parents and teachers find the tools for success for their children, we have been involved in food drives, backpack/school supply drives, volunteering in the schools, and providing donations to schools, churches, PTAs, and other non-profit organizations.
My husband, Randy, and I have been married since May 1992. Randy is, by trade, an expert in the construction and maintenance of large cooling towers that keep all of our air conditioners running. In addition, he has built many of the fixtures in our store and is a key partner in Teacher Heaven’s success. We have no children, but we do have three dogs my Pomeranian comes to work with me every day! Our long term goals are simply to be happy from day to day, not expecting too much from life but certainly striving for everything life has to offer.
Susan Savoie,
President/CEO, Teacher Heaven